The state of our planet

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Every country faces significant challenges to create a world where people and nature thrive, including here in Canada. Our demands on nature exceed what our planet can regenerate. If everyone lived like Canadians, globally we would need the resources of 4.7 Earths to sustain us.

Canadian wildlife and ecosystems are already feeling the impact of our unsustainable lifestyles. WWF’s Living Planet Report Canada found that half of monitored vertebrate wildlife populations are in decline, and of those, the average rate of decline is a staggering 83 per cent. Habitat loss is the single greatest threat to wildlife.

We have significant opportunities to do better. We can lead in nature protection and restoration if we can become leaders in sustainability.

Reversing the decline of wildlife: together it’s possible

Reversing the decline of wildlife will take all of us. Communities. Industry. Governments. And you. Together, we can help create healthy native habitats and protect our country’s diverse species and ecosystems – now and for generations. Every campus can provide habitat for native wildlife and show leadership in the transition to a more sustainable Canada.

No matter your academic background or career path, you can help make sustainable choices practical and effective for life on campus, lead hands-on efforts to restore campus green spaces and find ways to integrate sustainability principles into your academic discipline. Your campus can demonstrate that living sustainably is possible.

Create a sustainable future, starting on campus

Become a WWF Living Planet Leader

WWF Living Planet Leaders are helping to build a more sustainable Canada.

The Living Planet Leader designation recognizes the skills and experiences you amass while studying for your professional career that demonstrate your understanding and commitment to sustainability. Count yourself in and help deepen the practice of sustainability on your campus.

Living Planet Leader is a self-guided certification. You can make it your own, finding opportunities on campus and in your community to make a difference. It will enhance your professional resume and further recognize your campus achievements as they relate to sustainability. You must complete actions in:

  • • Campus, community or global volunteerism
  • • Personal application of sustainability
  • • Application of sustainability in academics
  • • Leadership and teamwork

As a student, you have from first day of your first post-secondary program up until three months after graduating from your final post-secondary program to complete and submit the requirements, earning your Living Planet Leader certificate.

At this time, if you’re interested in engaging in hands-on Living Planet Leader activities, we ask that you practice social distancing, and follow your local government recommendations on gatherings and activities. If you’re feeling cooped up indoors but want to demonstrate your support of nature, consider logging into Living Planet @ Campus, enroll in Living Planet Leader, and start submitting actions you’ve already taken that count towards the certification.

Have you participated in a cleanup or been involved in an environmental student club? Submit those hours to the Volunteerism category. Have you completed a course related to environmental sustainability? That’s a certification requirement you can check off by submitting the course to the Application of Sustainability to Academics category. Or take the time to fill out the day-to-day sustainable actions you already engage in on the certificate’s Personal Application of Sustainability checklist. You may find that you’re already done most of the certification’s requirements! And can start thinking ahead to what’s left and how you can accomplish those actions in the fall.

WWF Living Planet Leader requirements

Living Planet Leader how-to

  1. Step 1

    Sign up

    Sign in to Living Planet @ Campus and register to begin your journey to becoming a Living Planet Leader.
  2. Step 2

    Make it your own

    Adapt the program requirements across the four categories to suit your interests and opportunities available on your campus, in your community and beyond. You can also lead your own activities.
  3. Step 3

    Count yourself in and record your efforts

    As you complete the requirements, submit your results to your Living Planet Leader profile, recording your progress.
  4. Step 4

    Complete and submit requirements before the deadline

    All category requirements must be completed and submitted within three months after your final academic semester.
  5. Step 5

    Link Living Planet Leader to your resume and LinkedIn

    As a Living Planet Leader, you will be recognized and listed on the Living Planet @ Campus website. You can include the certificate on your resume and add the Living Planet Leader badge on your online CV.

Why lead with WWF-Canada

WWF-Canada engages hundreds of thousands of Canadians, including employers and workplace champions, who support nature conservation. We connect the power of a strong global network to on-the-ground conservation actions nationwide.

Contribute to sustainable solutions

Do you have an idea to make your campus a sustainability leader? When you put it in motion you help to create a healthier planet. Your efforts can inspire others too. Working together, we will create a sustainable future.

National recognition

Your skills and experience are valuable. When you receive your Living Planet Leader certificate, you will be recognized on the Living Planet @ Campus website.

Build your resume with skills and experiences

Whether sustainability is part of a company’s business model or something they are just beginning, as a Living Planet Leader you stand out as someone with the skills and experience to help them achieve their goals.

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