Shape Living Planet @ Campus with your creative ideas and initiatives

Change begins with an idea

Have you successfully launched a creative initiative or project on campus? Can your idea be brought to life at other campuses? If you want to make an impact on sustainability and build your resume as a leader, innovator or problem-solver, we can help you help others follow in your footsteps.

The impact of students

Peer-to-peer learning is such a powerful tool to create change. And where better to do that than at university or college, those multi-disciplinary hothouses for learning and exploring new opportunities?

With approximately 280 Canadian post-secondary institutions and over 2.5 million students filled with ingenuity, creativity and energy to fuel transformative ideas, we can transition to a more sustainable world.

Resources for students by students

Share your experience and model of success with WWF for the opportunity to help develop and author a how-to resource on your concept. Idea proposals can also include activities not yet implemented but that you think will be an effective tool for shaping the student experience of sustainability or conservation. The options are limitless and your efforts will contribute to lasting change.

If your idea is chosen for development by WWF, your activity guide will be featured on the Living Planet @ Campus website.

How it works

1. Submit

Submit your concept using our online form. Submissions are accepted anytime during the year.

2. WWF Review

Review and feedback will be provided by WWF.

3. Develop

If your concept is selected for further development, WWF will work with you to develop your Living Planet @ Campus resource.

4. Get Featured

Your resource will be featured on our website to help guide students from coast to coast.

Why Participate

National recognition

Your resource could be published on Living Planet @ Campus and linked to your online resume.

Build your resume

If your idea is selected, you will gain experience including project management, communications and writing, and external partnerships. You can also include your resource on your resume.

Contribute to environmental and social responsibility

Create a sustainable initiative that others can follow and implement at their campus.

Living Planet Leader

Students who publish a resource with WWF can reflect this achievement in their Leadership & Teamwork profile. Students submitting proposals tying directly to course work can track this experience in Application of Sustainability in Academics.