Join us & together, let's connect to Earth

*In light of growing concerns over the coronavirus outbreak, we encourage supporters to share their voice for nature online and observe Earth Hour from their own homes to ensure social distancing. Your health and your safety are our top priorities.*

We love this planet and everything that lives on it.

Join us and, together, let’s spark new conversations about nature, the diversity of life that shares the planet with us and how we can protect it.

What better way to connect than powering down and experiencing the electrifying energy of Earth Hour as it sweeps across the planet? Remember to switch off where you live, learn or work in solidarity with global efforts to secure nature and our home: 28 March, 8:30 p.m. your time. It’s time to #Connect2Earth.

About Earth Hour

Starting out as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney, Australia in 2007, Earth Hour is now the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment. Last year alone, millions of people, businesses and landmarks from 30 participating countries set aside an hour to host events, switch off their lights and make noise for the Earth Hour movement.

As accelerating climate change and staggering biodiversity loss threaten our planet, Earth Hour 2018-2020 endeavours to spark new conversations about the loss of biodiversity and the urgent need to protect it. This year, we want to celebrate the diversity of life on Earth, and we want to invite your friends and family to celebrate along with us.

Switch off and be part of the conversation

Here are some ways you can participate in Earth Hour 2020:

  • Turn off non-essential lights at 8:30 p.m. local time.
  • Encourage your friends and family to participate at home or virtually.
  • Share your plans on social media by using the hashtag #EarthHour and #Connect2Earth. Tag @WWF-Canada in your posts! Tell others why you are partaking in Earth Hour.

Register to let us know you’re going dark for Earth Hour, and count your actions towards your Living Planet Leader certification.

March 28, 2020

Join us from 8:30 p.m., wherever you are in the world.

Make it your own

How-to with Earth Hour

  1. Step 1

    Decide how you'll observe the hour

    Whether it’s reading a book by candlelight, or going for a moonlit walk, choose an activity that's fitting for you.
  2. Step 2

    Register and count yourself in

    Your local efforts have a global impact. Show the power we have when we all switch off by signing up and sharing what you’re doing for Earth Hour in your Living Planet @ Campus dashboard.
  3. Step 3

    Get recognized

    Capture your participation on your Personal Application of Sustainability Checklist.

Why participate

While switching out your lights is a simple act, by disconnecting, we’re connecting with the biggest issues confronting the world today. In addition to raising awareness, it gets Canadians talking about the impacts of climate change and inspires action towards building a living planet.

Create impact

Symbolically switching off the lights can create positive ripple effects, inspiring others to consider the role of more sustainability in their lives.

Downtime for the planet...and for you

Relax over candlelight, take a moonlit walk, or take some guilt-free time to reflect and observe the hour.

Living Planet Leader

If you are participating, then log your activity under your Personal Application of Sustainability checklist.