Students can design our future

What’s the Next Big Shift? From bike share programs to online paperless banking, almost overnight, innovations are changing how we shop, commute, learn, access entertainment, and connect with others. These big shifts have had local, regional, even global reach. 

Tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers can take action, today. Winvite post-secondary students to answer our call to action to design and pitch their ideas to launch the next big shift in our daily lives at WWF’s annual Designing Change for a Living Planet conference. 


How it works

Each school year, students from all academic disciplines are invited to apply to join WWF staff and professionals from different industries to create and share their ideas on how to build a sustainable future. 

Drawing inspiration from the everyday and each student’s unique academic background, participants will have the opportunity to: 

  • Represent their campus 
  • Create and innovate with WWF and their campus team  
  • Connect with post-secondary students and staff from other colleges and universities 
  • Develop new contacts with professionals from different industries 
  • Present concepts to WWF staff and a panel of expert judges 
  • Compete for a team prize  

Are you interesting in answering our call to action and representing your campus? Stay tuned on how you can get involved in this year’s Designing Change for a Living Planet 2020. 

Let's celebrate

Last year, multidisciplinary student teams from 15 colleges and universities joined us at our WWF-Canada office in Toronto to participate in this important discussion: How can we design a more sustainable future?  

Experts from different sectors weighed in on how they drive sustainability in their area, demonstrating how sustainability can be applied to all areas of our lives. From international development, fashion, business, social work, life sciences, cinema studies, human resources, chemical engineering, and more, connecting as peers, students shared perspectives on how sustainability can be practiced in any area of study. Working collaboratively as a campus team, each group created and presented their concept that designs changedemonstrating and building skills in teamwork, leadership, and critical and innovative thinking. 

Congratulations to all the students who answered our call to action at Designing Change for a Living Planet 2019!  

Get inspired: 2018-2019 campus teams

Why participate

Build your resume with professional skills

Develop the skillsets employers are looking for, including: Critical & Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving, Strategic Planning and Time Management. Throughout the event, students will practice Thought Leadership, Pitching & Presenting, and Teamwork & Collaboration.

Have a voice and contribute to change

Come together with students from different academic programs and schools to share perspectives on how sustainability can be practiced. Working with an interdisciplinary team, multi-faceted and creative solutions can be born.

Build your network of professional contacts

Networking is one of the most effective ways to find a job and meet the right people. Take the opportunity to get in front of industry professionals from diverse sectors at Designing Change for a Living Planet and widen your professional network.

Living Planet Leader

Designing Change for a Living Planet provides unique opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership skills and experience teamwork. Participants can use this opportunity to complete their Living Planet Leader category for Leadership and teamwork.


Had a great time collaborating with peers interested in sustainability. We took a holistic look at an important issue and delivered recommendations to industry leaders that were well received. Thank you so much for the opportunity to collaborate for a better world!

Devon Fernandes
Community Psychology, MA, Wilfrid Laurier University, 2018

Being a part of this experience has opened my eyes to the power and influence students can have!

Kristina Guga, General Arts and Science, George Brown College, 2019

WWF's Designing Change For a Living Planet 2018 was an incredible event put on by caring and dedicated volunteers that consisted of WWF-Canada staff, academic institutions and other organizations. This event challenges individuals to not only think outside the box and disrupt the norm but to redefine societal norms as they currently exist for a better future.

Rob Monico
Office of Sustainability, Fleming College

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