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Improve your habits with technology to minimize your environmental impact

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Smart Campus Challenge

*In light of the rapidly evolving coronavirus outbreak, please practice social distancing and follow government guidelines for gatherings and activities. Your health and your safety are our top priorities.*

The Smart Campus Challenge will help you focus and expand efforts on campus and during your co-op placement to reduce the environmental impacts of common technology.

Whether it is by encouraging your program to purchase lower impact devices or services or engaging your fellow students or colleagues to power down or use less paper, you can make the Smart Campus Challenge your own.


© WWF-Canada

Promoting green IT

The Smart Office Challenge was developed together with HP – a global leader in corporate sustainability – as part of WWF’s Living Planet @ Work program to help employees reduce the impact of IT in the workplace. HP co-op students used feedback from other students to create this toolkit geared for campus.

Take the Smart Campus Challenge

This toolkit offers tips and tricks to help improve IT habits and lead a successful Smart Campus Challenge. Make the challenge your own, with these initiatives:

  • An e-waste drive
  • Power down challenge
  • Print responsibly campaign
  • Sustainable Procurement Guide

Make it your own

6 easy steps for a successful Smart Campus Challenge

  1. 1 Choose an activity

    Whether it’s an e-waste drive, print responsibly challenge or a power-down initiative, determine who you want to engage. You can make it your own for any audience.
  2. 2 Seek necessary permissions

    Any extra-curricular activities conducted on campus should be confirmed by appropriate campus staff. If you’re not sure where to start, reach out to your Sustainability Office for tips on next steps.
  3. 3 Choose a location and date

    Select a date and location that works for your target audience.
  4. 4 Plan, promote and share

    Create a promotional plan that will enable you to meet your participation goal. You can ask key champions to promote your challenge, download our posters, master social media, make class announcements and use campus event boards.
  5. 5 Lead and track the impact

    When planning your event, think about how to best record engagement and environmental impact. Can you find ways to share results with participants and keep them motivated after your event?
  6. 6 Celebrate and submit results

    Celebrate with everyone who took part. Consider sharing the good news story with your school paper. And don’t forget to submit your results online to be counted in our national student impact.

Why get involved

Together, we can achieve sustainability in all areas of our lives. Small actions may seem inconsequential but when multiplied by millions of individuals making changes, we can generate big results for nature. Lead the change.

Help create a circular economy

Organizing an e-waste drive can help divert electronics from landfills and ensure that reusable materials are put back into production, contributing to a more circular economy.

Build your resume

Lead a challenge to build leadership skills. Motivating students or campus staff to reduce energy and paper consumption demonstrates strong communication and organizational skills that you can include on your professional resume.

Living Planet Leader

Leading a Smart Campus Challenge fulfills the Leadership and Teamwork requirements for Living Planet Leader. Log your hours under Volunteerism and activities under your Personal Application of Sustainability checklist.

Connections to the workplace

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